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Patient perspectives: The balancing act of trial participation

When we think about clinical trials, our minds often gravitate toward the scientific intricacies of these studies - the testing of new treatments, data analysis, and the quest for medical breakthroughs. However, it's essential to remember that behind every clinical trial, there's a patient, and often a caregiver, whose life is deeply impacted by this journey. 

So, let’s consider this: the concept of "Participation-Life Balance" and how technology can enhance the design and workflow of clinical trials while acknowledging the holistic needs of patients and caregivers to work towards achieving this. 

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Patient Perspectives: Surveys reveal what works best for patients

Since 2018, Medable has employed a network of patients and caregivers whose job is to help improve the clinical trial experience for participants, sites, and coordinators. Their work is designed to help facilitate equitable, inclusive, and diverse clinical trials. They are called the Patient Caregiver Network (PCN).

Medable’s PCN is comprised of over 80+ members representing various indications who have each participated in, or assisted with clinical conduct. 

With the landscape of pharma shifting, Medable recently surveyed its network to identify what’s working, and what isn’t, in the world of digital evidence generation. We’ve collected their responses and are summarizing their sentiments below in order to help further clinical research and to help bring effective therapies to patients faster.

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Patient perspectives: A year of pharma webinars showcase what’s working and what needs work

Learn what industry topics, trends, and focuses are being well received by patients and caregivers with this blog.


ePROs: Transforming oncology research

In this webinar, VP of Digital Trial Solutions Musaddiq Khan, VP of Product Strategy Colin Weller, and Cancer Survivor Lindsey Matt discuss how Medable is supporting a patient-first approach in complex Oncology clinical trials


Improve trial enrollment using patient perspectives and technology

In this webinar, Nisha Trivedi, Patient Advocate, and Jena Daniels, VP of Patient Success showcase how adding technology in clinical trials enables greater diversity and an increase in study enrollment upfront and maintains patient engagement over the course of the study.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Establishing internal relationships with end-users (patients, caregivers, and sites) will increase technology adoption
  • Using technology to increase participant access, engagement, retention, and education
  • Navigating uncertainties in technology and approach while balancing the needs of participants providing them with a positive and differentiated experience
  • Ensuring patients, caregivers, and sites are engaged in the study design and implementation process

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