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Patient-first solutions for Oncology

A better experience for patients when it matters most

Medable’s oncology offering simplifies data collection for sites and sponsors while keeping patients safe, comfortable, and engaged from any location.

Tools for better trial oversight and patient connection

  • eConsent
  • Televisit
  • eCOA Oncology library
  • Built-in notifications and reminders
  • Life-long follow up through tokenization
  • Customer onboarding and support
  • Protocol consulting and design by oncology and eCOA trial experts
“Oncology trials are notoriously complex. Meeting patients where they want while offering real insights to sites and study teams improves the experience for everyone”
Musaddiq Khan

VP Therapeutic Area Solutions - Customer Value Team

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Drive results, not miles

When patients and caregivers can participate in a way that fits in their life, they stay in the study, bringing better results to your trial.

By enabling those undergoing intensive cancer therapies to participate both remotely from home and on-site, our oncology offering increases access to trials and can improve retention.

Keeping patients safe in real time

Stay connected with your patients and their data. Real-time notifications help ensure compliance while patient and caregiver-friendly ePROs make it easy for sponsors to track toxicity and tolerability in real time.

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Stay connected long term

Tokenization simplifies data collection post-trial, connecting patient trial data to real world data to capture critical endpoints.

The Medable Effect


frequency in measurement during dose escalation with daily monitoring and expansion vs traditional approach

Up to 90x

frequency in measurement during follow up with daily monitoring vs traditional approach


of patients potentially receiving more timely intervention that ultimately improves their outcomes

Optimizing choice, flexibility and outcomes with Patient-First Data Collection for Oncology

Download our latest case study to see how the Medable platform helped a top 5 global pharma company with a strong Oncology focus improve clinician oversight of patients between site visits.

ePRO Case study: Better options and outcomes oncology trials.

Frequently asked questions

What is Medable’s Oncology offering?

Medable’s Oncology offering is a suite of digital and decentralized solutions that include a combination of eConsent, ePRO, Telehealth and Tokenization to reduce the burdens associated with oncology trials.

Will I be able to stay connected to my patients during the trial?

Oncology patients are typically very sick and under heavy burden as a result of their condition and care plan. Therefore it is important for them to be able to participate as much as possible without having to travel to site.

This offering affords participants the oppurtunity to complete consent, electronic assessments, and more remotely, at their own convenience. This ensures they record their assessments at the time that makes the most sense for them.

Televisit is included in our Oncology offering as well as real-time notifications so you can stay close to your participants without having to wait for the next site visit.

Is Medable equipped for Long Term Follow Up?

Yes. Currently, our offering is well-positioned to address the needs of Long Term Follow Up (LTFU) studies. Our ability to track Overall Survival (OS) and adverse events for therapies granted accelerated approval based on Progression Free Survival (PFS) endpoints by enabling patients to consent to the tokenization and linking their data to real-world data (RWD.)

Can Medable incorporate tokenization?

Yes. Through our extensive network of partners, we offer tokenization to simplify data collection post-trial, connecting participant trial data to real-world data to capture critical endpoints.

Are digital trial solutions a good fit for Oncology trials?

Regulatory bodies are united in strong support for digital Oncology trial solutions including support from FDA, EMA, Japanese as well as ASCO, CTTI, Transcelerate, NCI.

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