Unlocking Patient Engagement: Enhancing the Clinical Trial Experience with Consumerization

In this panel discussion, industry experts from Uber Health, iXlayer, and Medable will discuss the rise in technology adoption has also raised the expectations of trial participants, who now seek simpler, more consumer-like experiences in clinical design.


Leverage novel options in oncology clinical trial design to reduce burden for patients and sites

Flo Mowlem, Senior Director, eCOA Science & Solutions shares insights on how electronic solutions, with a focus on patient-reported outcome (ePROs) can reduce burden on participants and sites to maximize the chance of success in oncology clinical trials.


How to supercharge real world evidence generation in Phase IV trials

Experts from Medable, Syneos, and Pluto Health discuss how they have partnered to deploy patient-first digital trial solutions that leverage RWD, transforming it into actionable RWE insights for a sponsor client.


What it really takes to adopt eConsent across large pharma

Learn about the benefits of adopting consent management technology and best practices around developing change management and training programs to help sponsors, CROs and sites get the most out of eConsent.


The digital future is now

Watch the on-demand panel discussion between Medable, Syneos, Illingworth and Veeva, moderated by Gilead, as they discuss how the next generation of clinical development is now.


Deploying a patient-first framework to accelerate recruitment & reduce overall trial timelines

Learn how to utilize digital data-flow designs in clinical trials to improve patient diversity and inclusion, increase operational efficiencies, enhance patient enrollment, engagement, and retention, and realize financial value.


The platform shift is here: Are you realizing ROI across your portfolio of studies?

6 min

Join Medable's Mohammed Ali, Chief Domain Expert and Shubha Govil, SVP of Product Management,Platform to hear how top pharma teams have adopted digital technology across a platform to reduce costs and accelerate time to market.


The importance of quality in the informed consent process

Join Aditum Bio's Shayanne Ali and Medable's Andrew Mackinnon, as they discuss the most common issues with the paper-based consent process, and what to look for in a complete consent management solution in order to reduce quality issues while improving oversight.

ecoa person image

Actionable data: How to deploy & use patient-centric data collection to improve patient experiences & sharpen decision making

Medable's Gillian Livock, SVP/GM Digital Solutions and Sean Connelly, SVP, Product Management, join Antoine Pivron, Head of Health Solutions EMEA at Withings, to discuss the industry's move toward patient-first data collection, how to increase operational efficiencies, enhancing the patient experience in clinical trials using data, and how to use data insights to drive key decision-making.


Enhancing oncology clinical trials through the use of digital technologies

In this webinar, VP of Digital Trial Solutions Musaddiq Khan, VP of Product Strategy Colin Weller, and Cancer Survivor Lindsey Matt discuss how Medable is supporting a patient-first approach in complex Oncology clinical trials


Building trust between clinical trial stakeholders through a DCT framework

Industry experts from Pfizer, Advarra, and Medable showcase how to design a framework of decentralized offerings that provide greater ease of use, effectiveness, and flexibility for sites for every type of research setting; decentralized/hybrid, virtual, or in-person. In addition, they discuss how DCT solutions and site partners are creating an impact to improve diversity and access while optimizing clinical research for patients.


Digital vs digitized: Common myths about eConsent for clinical trials

Alex Burrington, CTI Principal of Vertex, and Andrew Mckinnon, VP, GM of eConsent discuss common myths around eConsent, how to improve comprehension with patient-centric consent, and how to use a digital consent management tool to improve trial compliance, quality, and oversight.

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