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There’s no doubt clinical conduct is changing. According to Clinicial Trials Arena, “decentralization components in clinical trials are estimated to rise by 17% by the end of 2023.” 

Empower yourself and your organization for the future with our DCT foundations certification. 

Gain essential skills that will enable you and your team to design, build, deploy, and support digital, decentralized, and hybrid trials.

Designed by experts at Medable who’ve conducted over 300+ hybrid trials, this course will give you:

Today’s complex clinical trials necessitate that organizations collect, combine, and analyze multiple sources of data in order to prove the effectiveness of their treatments.

So, what’s the best way for organizations to manage and deliver high-value insights from multiple data sources?

Find the answer and other insights around advancing RWD capture & analysis in your organization based on Gartner strategic approach & known use cases in their complementary report.

  • The ability to apply the key elements and best practices of hybrid trials to your upcoming studies.
  • An understanding how to reduce site burden, increase patient engagement and enrollment, and apply hybrid designs to reduce costs.
  • A verified Digital Certification to post on your LinkedIn.
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