Back to Basics: What is clinical trial recruitment?

Patient recruitment is one of the most critical elements of a clinical trial. Without sufficient participation, studies will lack the power to demonstrate the statistical significance and efficacy of new treatments. Ultimately, poor patient enrollment will delay or prevent new therapies from reaching the market. Not only do such delays cost millions of dollars, but they also deprive patients of effective, potentially life-changing treatments. 


Deploying a patient-first framework to accelerate recruitment & reduce overall trial timelines

6 min

Learn how to utilize digital data-flow designs in clinical trials to improve patient diversity and inclusion, increase operational efficiencies, enhance patient enrollment, engagement, and retention, and realize financial value.

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How to write clear and compelling patient recruitment material to drive enrollment and boost diversity

Clinical trials are essential for the development of new medical treatments and devices. However, enrolling patients in clinical trials is one of the most challenging aspects of conducting these studies. This is especially true when it comes to recruiting a diverse and representative patient population.

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