eCOA+ for better evidence generation

Better data in real time

eCOAs and digital outcome measures delivered at industry-leading speed and quality to enhance your trial findings and fuel medical breakthroughs.

eCOA+ is part of Medable's unified data collection platform, which includes eConsent, telehealth, and sensors, with standardized integrations into your existing clinical ecosystem.

Medable eCOA+


Faster study build time


Pre-built and validated instruments


Available languages

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Connected and convenient

Make data collection a breeze with devices, diaries, and sensors designed to fit into participants’ everyday lives.

Remove manual entry and configuration time with intuitive and automated workflows for sites and study teams.

Take eCOA off the critical path

Rapidly deploy quality studies and take eCOA off the critical path of study start-up with a reusable instrument library of 380+ standardized workflows and AI-enabled, purpose-built technology so you can work on what matters most, advancing patient care.

Unlock insights with real-time data capture

Capture objective and subjective participant data in a standardized and compliant manner. Medable’s eCOA+ combines eClinROs, ePROs, ePerfOs, eObsROs, and digital measures, so you can uncover clinically meaningful insights in real-time.

Engage patients with a better experience

Medable’s eCOA+ improves inclusivity and accessibility, meeting the needs of patients in any geographic location and across diverse therapeutic areas, reducing burden and increasing retention.

The Medable difference

Reusable eCOA+ Library

Our library of 380+ reusable, pre-validated instruments, assessments and diaries ensure a standardized, consistent method of data collection that drives real-time decision making.

BYOD and provisioned devices

Accessible across web and/or mobile, provisioned devices or BYOD, unlocking patient populations that were previously out of reach while increasing patients' optionality.

Cross-platform TeleVisit

One seamless platform experience allows site and patient users to better engage and participate in a comfortable environment, reducing burden and increasing compliance.

Digital measures

Standardized integrations for sensors capturing digital physiological measures provide value across a variety of therapeutic areas including Oncology, Immunology, Cardiovascular, and more.

User friendy Platform

Consumer-grade UX, complete with notifications, reports, and submission-ready data, is vetted by our Patient Caregiver Network (PCN) and clinicians, ensuring accessibility.

24/7 Customer Support

Global customer care support throughout your trial for sites, patients and study teams. Our team ensure the best user experience to enable seamless technology adoption, protocol compliance, and overall user satisfaction.

Globally Compliant

Available in 60+ countries and 120+ languages, Medable’s platform is FDA, CFR21 Part 11, HIPAA, and GDPR compliant.

Powered by AI

By harnessing intelligent automation, we can reduce delivery timelines by up to 50%, enabling an accelerated study start up to quickly capture novel endpoints.

Medable enables >90% eCOA adherence in vaccine trial

Medable enables >90% eCOA adherence in vaccine trial

A leading biotech company came to Medable looking to conduct a vaccine trial. They were concerned that their trial’s participant population of persons aged 50+ years may be hesitant to use the sponsors’ chosen eCOAtrial technology, would not be engaged in the study, and therefore may not provide consistent trial data. Learn how we drove success for them, including >90% eCOA adherence.‍

Medable enables >90% eCOA adherence in vaccine trial

Frequently asked questions

What is eCOA?

eCOA stands for electronic clinical outcome assessment and uses electronic devices like tablets, desktop computers, and phones to collect data from trial participants. Participants complete diaries, questionnaires, or other prompts to communicate how they are feeling or functioning during the course of a clinical trial. eCOAs are part of the decentralized clinical trial (DCT) methodology and are essential to understanding whether a drug is reducing symptoms and improving patients’ quality of life.

What is Medable’s eCOA offering?

Medable’s eCOA offering is part of our broader evidence generation offering: Patient-First Data Collection.  Medable’s tools allow teams to build eCOA instruments (both validated instruments and eDiaries) that meet industry standards. Data collected from this system can be used for primary endpoints in pivotal studies. Study teams can store instruments, including translations, in a library for rapid deployment in future studies. Dashboards keep teams informed of all startup activities along the way. Teams may also access their library of prebuilt, validated instruments to improve study startup.

Does Medable’s support BYOD?

Yes. Medable's platform is multimodal, meaning patients can access our interface through the Patient app or a web browser. A BYOD model allows patients to use their own smartphone or other device for data capture during a site visit or remotely. Participants using devices they are already familiar with may lead to better compliance and ultimately, a better clinical trial experience. However, since some participants may be hesitant to download an app on their own device, or may not own a device that meets the requirements, it’s important to anticipate a percentage of provisioned devices, even in trials adopting a BYOD strategy.

The latest in eCOA

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Blog posts

Simply digital: Trial technologies help reduce oncology’s burden

With the share of oncology trials continuing to increase, the case for using digital tools in these trials grows with it.

Today, cancer trials are the most commonly researched of all diseases, with their share of clinical trials growing each year. According to research from Tufts CSDD,  the number of cancer drugs “has nearly quadrupled since 2000, to 1,489 trials in 2021, up from 421 two decades earlier.”

Tufts CSDD notes that this growth comes as “oncology drug developers are increasingly shifting toward precision medicine, embracing new molecular targets and improvements in genetic sequencing technologies”


Back to basics: What is a clinical trial platform?

Modern clinical trials employ various digital-based tools and technologies designed to increase the speed, accuracy, and ease of conducting clinical trials. In the best-case scenario, these tools are housed in the same experience or a  “clinical trial platform.” 

Clinical trial platforms are software-based, web-based, and/or cloud-based solutions that facilitate clinical trial research throughout its entire lifecycle. They offer a complete technology ecosystem that connects patients, research sites, and trial sponsors from patient recruitment to close out and data submission. Users of clinical trial platforms can access and operationalize all of their digital-based tools through this connected platform. Platforms can prevent users from accessing parts of the platform not permitted for them. For instance, participants can not view other participants' data or gain access to tools meant for sites. Other users, like sponsors’ study teams, have access to the full suite of tools as needed based on their roles.

Blog posts

Defining “evidence generation” within modern clinical trials

Medable has always been, at its core, a platform that enables clinical trial sponsors to collect data and generate evidence to answer scientific questions. 

But from the start, Medable has done things differently. Today, the flexibility, purpose, and build of Medable’s evidence-collection platform is what sets us apart from others in our space.

See how Medable can make your trials more efficient.