The question is no longer, "What if patients were involved in planning clinical trials?" The question now is, "What more can we do to involve them?"

With ACRP stating that "clinical trial complexity levels show an unrelenting increase," it’s vital to consider patients’ past experiences and their evolving expectations to prevent future study issues. Far too often, sponsors and CROs encounter difficulties in evidence generation and trial conduct because it’s challenging to realize the impact of their study processes on human lives.

This is why our industry regularly witnesses:

  • Patient data-entry error rates of up to 25%.
  • Patient drop-out rates of 30%.

Join this webinar, with a panel of research experts and noted patient advocates, to find out why trial designs that incorporate learnings from lived patient and caregiver experiences are the most effective. Uncover how Medable has worked with sponsors to drive success by leveraging patient-centric insights and eCOA technology to enhance data quality/compliance, diversity, and retention in clinical trials.

Webinar Highlights/Key learnings:

  • Patient-Centric Insights: Discover how real-life experiences enrich protocol narratives, fostering patient loyalty and commitment.
  • Fine-Tuning for Success: Learn how our collaboration and eCOA/ePRO solutions enhance your protocols for optimal retention and digital evidence generation.
  • Early Engagement Magic: Uncover the power of early partnership with use cases that highlight our success with customers.
  • Live Q&A Session: Have burning questions? Ask the experts and patients who are here to provide insightful answers and guidance.