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Record-breaking enrollment achieved in weight-loss study

A top 10 pharmaceutical company approached Medable seeking support for their Phase III diabetes study. Their primary goal was to reduce the participant enrollment phase timeline to get the study underway as quickly as possible.

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Unlocking scalability in pharma with AI

What is the path to addressing the remaining 10,000 human diseases? 

Almost two years ago, Medable CEO Michelle Longmire asked this question in a blog titled “Accelerating the path from possibility to proof in the development of new medicines.” Back then, she wrote that leveraging the most meaningful tools we had at the time would drive new synergies at the intersection of safety, science, and speed and enable a new era of drug development.

Today, our industry stands at the precipice of a new era in clinical research, marked by rapid advancements in technologies that society widely refers to as artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI and ML). While each of these technologies has existed for some time, recent advancements in their capabilities have brought them to the forefront of our industry.

In the future, AI and ML may prove to be the most important technologies of our time, as they have the potential to enable true scalability in pharma, as well as other business sectors.

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