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Medable enables you to build and launch your game changing health apps without the barriers or headaches.

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Build it the way you want it

Your needs are unique, and your application must be work for you and your users. Medable is customizable to enable any and every digital health application.

Custom Objects
Custom Properties
Custom Logic

You aren’t limited to the out-of-the-box data models with Medable. Extend those models by creating your own custom objects.

Add any number and type of properties to your custom objects and even standard Medable objects. Medable supports any primitive type for custom properties, such as strings, numbers, dates, booleans, and even supports things like files, file arrays, json documents and arrays, object references, and more.

Sometimes application/business logic needs to reside on the back-end. Medable allows you to add your own custom triggers and scripts to act on your data directly.


Understand your data

Your data is priceless. Medable enables you to get the answers you need from your data instantly to unlock insights, make discoveries, and improve outcomes.


Your data is available to you when you need it. Access it instantly for real-time analysis and visualization with Medable’s data api.

Query, aggregate, map, and transform your data any which way and visualize your data the way you need in your applications.

Build analytics capabilities right into your applications giving your users the ability to collaborate around the data and derive actionable insights.


Collaborate securely

Medable provides the only collaboration suite purpose-built for healthcare applications. No matter your use case Medable makes it easy to enable clinical collaboration capabilities in your application.


Securely provision and authenticate your users and their roles — patients, providers, payers, you name it.

Enable users to form connections in order to securely collaborate and share information. Permissions are handled automatically based on user roles and connection types.

Every object in Medable is Care Feed enabled — allowing for contextual, centralized, chronological views into shared data and interactions.


No more sleepless nights

Medable was built from the ground up with security and compliance in mind. We spend the sleepless nights worrying about these things so you don’t have to.

Secure Data
Secure Authentication
Access Controls
Audit Controls

Enterprise-grade encryption, replication, and backups are automatic. Your data is secured on Medable, the only platform that secures your data every step of the way from cloud to client.

Medable keeps track of device authorizations and initiates two-factor authentication automatically to ensure that your users are really the ones accessing their data.

Medable’s access controls make it a snap to ensure that the right level of access is granted to the right users always.

Audit logs are a key component of maintaining compliance. Medable makes that a breeze, too, with the Audit API.


Develop with Research Kit

Medable is offering free use of our platform to academic and research centers interested in using mobile applications in research studies. Contact us at

Apple Research Kit
HIPAA Compliant

Free your research data from the mobile device by seamlessly and securely offloading to the Medable cloud.

Medable makes it easy to enable every ResearchKit module with point-and-click configuration.

Your data is secured on Medable, the only platform that secures your data every step of the way from cloud to client.

Survey Module

Engage your patients

Gather key information. From symptoms to adverse drug reactions, using the Medable Survey module you can custom configure your application to collect important patient information.


Select from validated survey tools or easily create custom surveys and make instantly available in your applications

Easily and securely gather survey data in your application while protecting health information.

Analyze and trend survey responses to gain insights and discoveries.

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