Our mission is to reduce clinical trial timelines by 50%.
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Medable is a digital trial platform providing a seamless experience, connecting patients, sites, and clinical trial teams.
Trial design & feasibility
Recruitment & enrollment
Evidence generation
Reporting &
Trial design & feasibility
Medable’s Digital Trial 360™ framework helps you design and optimize your protocol to leverage digital, gaining efficiencies across the clinical trial.
Recruitment & enrollment
Lower patient burden and speed enrollment by screening and consenting patients remotely.
less enrollment time at trial site
in sponsor savings with the aid of direct-to-patient model
Evidence generation
Deploy, provision or bring your own device (BYOD), and start your global trial with Medable in almost any language and any country.
Reporting & post‑marketing surveillance
Access to your data in real-time and available 24/7 through Medable’s study dashboard and reports.
Trial design & feasibility
Recruitment & enrollment
Evidence generation
Reporting &
Digital trials
Hybrid & virtual trials
Patient engagement and retention
Patient recruitment and screening
Trial reporting and analytics
Data integration
ePRO & Diaries
Remote Patient Monitoring
Wearables and devices
What Medable is doing with its PAC is providing the patient a seat at the table - we are no longer reacting to what is presented to us, we are helping design the experience.
TJ Sharpe
Founding member, PAC
I bring my first-hand experience with cancer, augmented by the experiences of other patients. Patient advocates provide a voice to what is typically unsolicited feedback, ensuring clinical studies are optimized for the person.
Joan Venticinque
Member, PAC
I joined the Medable PAC to learn from my peers, while advocating on behalf of those diagnosed with Glaucoma. The PAC allows me to feel more connected and empowered. If you have concerns about your health, you need to speak up and advocate for yourself and others.
Richie Kahn
Member, PAC
Medable is bringing the patient voice into the clinical trial process, allowing us to help create a better patient experience, ultimately increasing engagement, and tougher to populate rare disease trials.
Jennifer McNary
PAC Chair
Digitize your clinical trials with Medable