Back to basics: What are electronic clinical outcome assessments (COAs/eCOAs)?

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COAs (called eCOAs when captured electronically) are essential to understanding whether a drug is reducing symptoms, improving patients’ quality of life, and improving patients’ ability to perform activities they care about. COAs enable a well-rounded understanding of how a drug is working, its side effects, its impact on patients’ lives, and more. Perhaps most notably, PROs/ePROs allow for the patient’s voice to be heard. Capturing the patient’s voice is particularly important because the clinician may not always see or express the patient’s experience in the same way.

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Connecting in new ways: Our partnership with Withings Health Solutions

In June, Medable announced a partnership with Withings Health Solutions with the goal of reducing the burden on sponsors and sites while empowering patients to participate in trials from home.

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What does the new European Medicine Regulatory Network recommendation paper on decentralized elements in clinical trials tell us?

Learn what impacts the new European Medicine Regulatory Network recommendations paper means to your clinical trial operations.

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New EU Regulatory Recommendations for Decentralized Trials Keep Focus on Patients and Sites

As clinical trials rapidly modernize, government regulators work to evolve even as the same core principles apply. Still, decentralized clinical trials are – simply – clinical trials, as all research today is decentralized in some way, yet we lack global harmonization of regulations.

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Patient perspectives: A year of pharma webinars showcase what’s working and what needs work

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Let’s make clinician reported outcomes a universal language

Get the basics on ClinROs, why they are important, the industry governance around them, and how their electronic versions can benefit clinical trials.

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How to design patient-friendly and inclusive ePRO instruments

This blog explores why patient-centric ePRO instrument design is critical to driving study success, provides tips on how to make instruments more patient-centric, and offers resources for additional ePRO design guidance.

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