Broader reach, higher engagement, cleaner data.

Total Consent Management

Upgrade to a complete consent management solution for better participant access and experience.

Expand Global Access to Trials

Accessible on any web-enabled device (BYOD or provisioned), our scalable solution can inform and consent participants anywhere in the world. Flexible enough for any country or site, you can easily collect compliant signatures (digital or wet-ink), on-site or remote with integrated TeleVisit.

Improve Participant Retention

Stay connected with your patients and their data. Real-time notifications help ensure compliance while patient and caregiver-friendly ePROs make it easy for sponsors to track toxicity and tolerability in real time.

Minimize Compliance Errors

Gain complete visibility and oversight into your trial with real-time monitoring of all consent activities within a single dashboard and ensure inspection-ready audit trails with fully integrated template management and version control.

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Frequently asked questions

What is eConsent?

eConsent is an electronic way of consenting trial participants that can be done in-clinic or remotely using tablets, phones, or computers. Transcelerate defines eConsent as including multimedia which can be used to develop an interactive and engaging informed consent experience while offering flexibility for diverse learning styles (e.g., auditory, visual).

What's the difference between eConsent and Medable’s Total Consent?

While Total Consent is an eConsent tool at heart, it features additional functionality, such as wet-ink signature support, that enables it to be deployed worldwide, in any country conducting clinical research. In addition, capabilities like TeleVisit are built into Medable’s Total Consent and don’t require additional tools or login credentials. To learn more visit our Total Consent Management page.

Where does Total Consent work?

Total Consent can be used both in the clinic, at home, and anywhere where a trial participant has an internet connection across 60 different locales. Total Consent was designed to comply with all global regulations, including FDA 21 CFR Part 11, ICH E6 (R2), and GDPR. Medable’s Total Consent currently supports 115+ languages in over 60 countries.

Can I use Total Consent across multiple studies and different trial types?

Yes. Total Consent can scale to trials of all sizes, whether you need to deploy eConsent on one study or multiple studies. Our solution also provides more efficiency the more you use it by creating standardized delivery methods for your organization.

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