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Bridging the gap: Ensuring sites are successful with Medable

For years, clinical research sites have been vocal about the technological challenges they face conducting trials. Obstacles such as multiple disparate systems per trial, an abundance of passwords, lack of interoperability, and other issues all showcase how technology can be as significant a hindrance as it is a boon. As a recent Forbes article suggests, if clinical research technology doesn’t empower sites, it risks slowing down the entire trial.

Blog posts

How we standardized deploying vaccine studies in five weeks

By Musaddiq Khan, VP, DCT Solutions

At Medable, we’re always looking to understand the changing environment of clinical research, and how we can help customers overcome the various challenges, risks, and scenarios that these changes bring.

For the past year, I, various clinicians, and research experts at Medable have been working closely to improve how we conduct research for various therapeutic areas. Much like the results shown in Tufts CSDD’s latest whitepaper, we believe that a well-thought, decentralized approach can help bring new therapies in historically challenging therapeutic areas to markets faster.

The result of this work is a brand-new decentralized approach we’re bringing to the market.

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Actionable data: How to deploy & use patient-centric data collection to improve patient experiences & sharpen decision making

6 min

Medable's Gillian Livock, SVP/GM Digital Solutions and Sean Connelly, SVP, Product Management, join Antoine Pivron, Head of Health Solutions EMEA at Withings, to discuss the industry's move toward patient-first data collection, how to increase operational efficiencies, enhancing the patient experience in clinical trials using data, and how to use data insights to drive key decision-making.

See how Medable can make your trials more efficient.