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Technology overload: Addressing site challenges in clinical research

In the early 2000s, a new era of clinical research began – the digital era. As large sponsors and CROs like IQVIA andGlaxo Smith Kline began implementing electronic data capture (EDC) systems into their trials, clinical trial sites experienced the first major digital disruption in how they conducted clinical research. Fast forward totoday, and this cycle of disruption not only continues, it’s shortened.

As a recent article by BusinessInsider states, “it took 30 years forelectricity to be adopted by 10% ofUS consumers. It took 25 years for the telephone to achieve the same penetration. Tablets achieved thisreach in just five years – and they’re not even our primary devices." This shortened cycle of mass adoption has brought smartphones,smartwatches, tablets, and moreto trials, as well as new software and portal applications like eCOA and eConsent. However, it’s been reported that too much technology is commonplace and it quickly overwhelms.

In this white paper, we’ll examine best practices in ensuring sites are adequately prepared and supported for new trial technologies,derived from the experiences of key individuals with direct experience from pharma, technology vendors and importantly from sites themselves.


eCOA Digital Week: An honest assessment of eCOAs from a site perspective

6 min

Joe Dustin, VP/GM of eCOA and Annie Hesslewood, Site & Patient adoption lead at Medable host an open discussion with a panel of sites and CRAs to provide a candid assessment of how upcoming changes in the eCOA landscape can reduce burden on participants and sites to maximize the chance of success in clinical trials.

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Bridging the gap: Ensuring sites are successful with Medable

For years, clinical research sites have been vocal about the technological challenges they face conducting trials. Obstacles such as multiple disparate systems per trial, an abundance of passwords, lack of interoperability, and other issues all showcase how technology can be as significant a hindrance as it is a boon. As a recent Forbes article suggests, if clinical research technology doesn’t empower sites, it risks slowing down the entire trial.


Building trust between clinical trial stakeholders through a DCT framework

Industry experts from Pfizer, Advarra, and Medable showcase how to design a framework of decentralized offerings that provide greater ease of use, effectiveness, and flexibility for sites for every type of research setting; decentralized/hybrid, virtual, or in-person. In addition, they discuss how DCT solutions and site partners are creating an impact to improve diversity and access while optimizing clinical research for patients.

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