As we begin to close out 2022, our industry stands in the midst of a sea change in clinical conduct. As our CEO Michelle Longmire wrote in a recent Medable blog, “We live in an era of exponential medicine. The potential to create new therapies that could treat or even cure disease has never been greater.”

Part of this potential is due to the rapid advances in research technology, while another part is the industry’s willingness to use new ways of conducting research. Nowhere is this more apparent than with the advancements seen with connected sensors.

In June, Medable announced a partnership with Withings Health Solutions with the goal of reducing the burden on sponsors and sites while empowering patients to participate in trials from home.

From a site and sponsor perspective, this partnership brings new insights into patients’ health and progression throughout the duration of the trial. These sensors can remotely capture and transmit critical medical-grade measurements, including temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, sleep patterns, and weight.

However, I’m most excited about what this means for patients in Medable trials. There are many therapeutic areas whose treatments can place a great deal of strain on patients. Many times, it’s important that patients have the time needed to recuperate from treatments and care plans. By utilizing remote measurements, we’ve got the opportunity to enable an increased level of participation while reducing the amount of time, travel, and energy needed to participate. In some cases, we’ve reduced the amount of on-site time needed by 75%.

Additionally, with real-time access to data, we can track more measurements to better understand our patients and foster better patient-investigator conversations, all while enabling patients to responsibly take and track their own measurements. The net effect of these advancements helps foster a greater sense of confidence in patients about their participation in trials. Perhaps most importantly, this same level of access means patients are safer, with faster response times to potential events and instant access to remote consultations through TeleVisits

According to Data Bridge Market research, connected sensor use is forecasted to accelerate at a compound annual growth rate of 18.80% through 2029. This is fantastic news as connected sensors can only expand our greater understanding of our patients, our trials, and our research.

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