A new normal for evidence generation has arrived. Over the last 4 years, digital technologies, automation, artificial intelligence, and more have seen increasing success in clinical development and patient care.  

As a result, sponsors and CROs are breaking through the traditional bottlenecks and barriers associated with trials, dramatically altering, and accelerating their pipelines.  

There’s a real opportunity to disrupt the stubborn 12-year average drug development cycle - but it takes cross-industry collaboration to do it! 

Learn how top pharma are using novel innovations to drive greater speed, scale, and access in clinical research than ever before in this webinar hosted by Musaddiq Khan, Vice President of DCT Solutions at Medable. 

Key learnings:  

  • How intelligent automation and eCOA technology are reducing study deployment timelines by 50%. 
  • How Top-10 global pharmaceutical companies are benefiting from Medable’s platform to enable rapid, more-informed decision-making. 
  • How the expanded use of digital measures and biomarkers will continue to benefit patients and increase the quality and depth of real-time data insights.