The accelerated growth of patient-centric trials is driven by innovations in remote patient monitoring (RPM) and precision medicine. Insider intelligence estimates that 70.6 million US patients, or 26.2% of the population, will use RPM tools by 2025.

With this growth comes new potential, as sponsors and CROs gain the ability to drive better patient outcomes, increase patient adherence,  improve health metrics, and ensure seamless patient onboarding.

However, it takes more than simply adding tools to your trial to gain this insight: 

Watch to learn:

  • Digital data flow design, when mapped with clinical objectives,  can support access to wider patient populations improving diversity and inclusion
  • To increase operational efficiencies and enhance end-to-end patient enrollment, engagement, and retention
  • First-hand experience in dermatology and oncology studies has identified robust patient populations which bring greater benefits to study outcomes
  • The financial value of implementing DCTs can be realized for your organization