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How to design patient-friendly and inclusive ePRO instruments

This blog explores why patient-centric ePRO instrument design is critical to driving study success, provides tips on how to make instruments more patient-centric, and offers resources for additional ePRO design guidance.


Development of a mobile health app (TOGETHERCare) to reduce cancer care partner burden: Product design study

Research looking at mobile apps and how they may provide a meaningful access point for all stakeholders for symptom management.

White Papers, Case Studies, Reports

White paper: The building blocks of DCT. How to create a seamless experience across eConsent, eCOA and more

Combining multiple market solutions at the site level can result in a negative experience due to different processes, login credentials, and redundant training. A unified DCT platform that works seamlessly with other core clinical systems to streamline workflows and simplify key trial processes.

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