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Why the future looks bright for eCOA in clinical trials

6 min

See why the electronic clinical outcome (eCOA) market is poised to continue its rapid growth and why Medable customers have chosen eCOA as a future foundation for their next era of clinical conduct.

Blog posts

Connecting in new ways: Our partnership with Withings Health Solutions

In June, Medable announced a partnership with Withings Health Solutions with the goal of reducing the burden on sponsors and sites while empowering patients to participate in trials from home.

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Actionable data: How to deploy & use patient-centric data collection to improve patient experiences & sharpen decision making

Medable's Gillian Livock, SVP/GM Digital Solutions and Sean Connelly, SVP, Product Management, join Antoine Pivron, Head of Health Solutions EMEA at Withings, to discuss the industry's move toward patient-first data collection, how to increase operational efficiencies, enhancing the patient experience in clinical trials using data, and how to use data insights to drive key decision-making.


Back to Basics: Remote patient monitoring

Remote patient monitoring programs and technologies are becoming increasingly popular, backed by growing clinical evidence showing numerous benefits to patients and providers. While remote patient monitoring (RPM) isn’t new, it’s evolving quickly due to the regulatory push to expand access to care during the COVID-19 pandemic. Coupled with the fact that the digital health market is poised to more than double by 2026, providers and patients have a greater ability to track vitals between visits, and both centralized and decentralized clinical trials rely on remote data collection now more than ever. While there is tremendous potential upside, some barriers and risks are inherent in this digital process. Human-centered design and strategic implementation can ensure that RPM in clinical trials is both beneficial and cost effective.

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