Improving Clinical Trial Diversity and Patient Access to Affordable Drugs

Pharma companies have been making efforts to address high drug prices but the issue is not likely to go away under a new administration. As new drugs are developed how can pharma companies ensure that patients have access to life-saving drugs or those that significantly improve the quality of life? Similarly, clinical trial diversity is an area that needs close attention by companies. Tune in to know both these issues can be addressed in a meaningful way.

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Moderator: Ambar Bhattacharyya, Managing Director, Maverick Ventures Speakers:Allison Kalloo, Founder and President, Clinical Ambassador and Medable PAC Doug Langa, EVP North America Operations & President NNI, Novo NordiskCynthia Verst, PharmD, President, Design and Delivery Innovation for Research & Development Solutions, IQVIACarrie Williams, Vice President/Partner, McKesson Ventures.