Actionable Data:

How to Deploy & Use Patient-Centric Data Collection to Improve Patient Experiences & Sharpen Decision Making

The rapid growth of patient-centric trials has changed our industry. Nowhere is this more evident than in data collection, with headlines such as “Use Of Wearable And Sensor Applications In Clinical Trials Is Booming” and “Next-Generation Clinical Data Management” gracing the pages of trade publications.

With this growth comes new potential, as sponsors and CROs gain access to insights that can be used to identify trends across their trial(s), establish correlations with greater confidence, and generate more actionable clinical insights.

However, it takes more than simply adding siloed data collection tools into your trial to gain this insight. Join this webinar, as experts from Medable’s Digital Medicine and Partner Technologies area showcase:

  • Why the industry has moved towards patient-centric data collection
  • How to increase operational efficiencies and enhance the patient experience in clinical trials using data
  • The benefits of a single, regulated data platform that empower sensors with minimal burden to patients
  • How to use data insights to drive key decision making

Gill has over 20 years of experience in life sciences and clinical trials.

Antoine Pivron, Head of Health Solutions EMEA at Withings, oversees new business development and strategic partnership initiatives.

Sean Connolly is Medable’s Senior Vice President of Enterprise Product.

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