A top 5 global pharma company with a strong Oncology focus was seeking a partner to help improve clinician oversight of patients between site visits. They wanted clinicians to be able to monitor patients remotely for key signs and symptoms that could be an early indication of an adverse event that may require intervention, and be able to prompt the necessary course of action.

In a traditional brick and mortar trial, the study team would have to rely on weekly patient monitoring during the dose escalation period, and on a monthly or quarterly basis during the follow up period.

Medable decentralized solutions can dramatically enhance clinician oversight and patient safety by performing daily lung function measures and ePROs remotely through the entire study. Site clinicians are then able to detect early signs of potentially life threatening adverse events earlier than ever before.


  • 7x frequency in measurement during dose escalation with daily monitoring and expansion vs traditional approach
  • Up to 90x frequency in measurement during follow up with daily monitoring vs traditional approach
  • 10-20% of patients potentially receiving more timely intervention that ultimately improves their outcomes

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