Why I Joined Medable

Smoother Sailing to the Clinical Future

Anushka Gupta is a Data Scientist working on developing and integrating machine learning algorithms for the analysis of large-scale clini...

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When medicine changes, the world changes: new treatments, vaccines, and therapies create tectonic shifts in global quality of life. But it’s not easy—the space of possible treatments is vast, and the steps we take to a solution can be uncertain, logistically difficult, and costly.

What if we could chart a better course through those stormy seas, and sail it with the efficiency, coordination, and speed brought to so many industries by the internet age?

Anushka Gupta with her Dog

As a kid, I always wanted to help people; I thought being a doctor was the best way of achieving that. By my senior year of high school I’d drifted into engineering, but I kept my interest in healthcare throughout my undergrad.

It became personal when I contracted Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis while on a trip for my Formula-1 team. I spent the second half of my undergrad in isolation, battling the infection with drugs so strong their side-effects left me perpetually confused, nauseous, and in pain. Some of them were experimental, with no fixed course. My parents became my caregivers and spent hours of each day sharing my difficulties.

It could’ve been easier, and shorter-lived, if I hadn’t at first been misdiagnosed. Instead, I had plenty of time—days; weeks—to think about how the whole process could be better.

Though my doctors suggested I take a year to rest, I applied for graduate school and moved to the states, where I worked on multiple projects applying machine learning to healthcare data. I was excited to find Medable because they seemed focused on solving many of the problems I had faced: optimizing the trial process for discovering new treatments, making them more accessible for everyone, and reducing the burden on patient caregivers.

At Medable, I work with a diverse group of motivated people toward a common goal. I get to work on a bunch of projects, benefiting from the expertise of many teams. For a fresh graduate taking on her first job, Medable has been the perfect place to grow while working on things I enjoy. Even better, it’s work that matters and I can feel us breaking new ground.

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