Why I Joined Medable:

Our Mission Matters

Christopher Chung is a Digital Solution Designer based in Boston, MA, graduated from Emmanuel College with a degree in Chemistry and Life...

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Helping people and finding ways to directly impact patients has always been an objective of mine, but in addition, to find a great company to share that passion with was another. I heard about Medable from a good friend who helped spark my excitement about the great colleagues that he was working with, and the amazing potential opportunities/ growth path the company was heading towards. I could not resist wanting to be part of the solution and mission.

Since joining Medable a year ago, my experience here has only opened my eyes to see how much growth it has accomplished in so many areas: the number of employees from diverse backgrounds, the flexibility of our technology and innovation of our platform, the number of new sponsor clients, and the services we are able to offer to them. We serve as a one-stop shop with our two largest services being our Decentralized Clinical Trial and Televisit solutions that helped change the clinical trial industry greatly! More so now than ever with the current pandemic of COVID-19, the need for these technical solutions to support existing and new clinical trials to become flexible and remote-based is pressing and motivating.

I can not express enough how happy and blessed I am to have made the decision to join Medable. The company is comprised of really intelligent, collaborative, and innovative members with the same mission of getting “effective therapies to patients by transforming clinical drug development with disruptive technologies” led by our strong senior leadership team. Despite the challenges for most of us working remotely from all over the world, it really introduces a lot of diversity of perspectives and thoughts, which I feel is a strong competitive-edge compared to other previous companies I have worked at. In addition, our human resources team does a wonderful job to create a nurturing, close-knit culture to create the feel of “being in the office,” such as our company power hour challenge where employees posted how they used their “power hour” such as taking walks with scenic views in their local areas, cooking amazing dishes, and picking up new hobbies.

Medable is only continuing to exponentially grow in hiring more employees who are also interested in contributing to the company mission and be part of the fast-paced startup vibe/culture. We are looking for potential members who are solution-oriented, outside of the box-thinking, team player-based, and willing to put their 110% forward. If you feel these qualities describe you, I strongly encourage you to visit our careers page to join the Medable team. Together as one, we will be able to “radically accelerate cures for diseases” across the world!