Why I Joined Medable:

An Inspiring Mission to Improve Patient's Lives!

Michelle Paulin (MP) is the Chief of Staff to the CEO, responsible for developing, leading, and coordinating key organization-wide projects

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Impacting something bigger than myself has always been part of my philosophy. So, the day I met Michelle Longmire and she talked about Medable’s mission, I knew I wanted to be part of the team. Imagining that my job contributions could change the lives of patients waiting for a cure fit my idea of making my work life meaningful. Little could I have imagined how relevant and tangible Medable’s impact into the lives of the world population could be. At the time, the era of COVID-19 was not on the horizon and the race to achieve our company BHAG (to cut trials timelines in half with the use of technology) seemed far away. Fast forward to 2020, just two years after I joined, and I witnessed that in a matter of three weeks Medable was able to develop and deploy a TeleVisit solution. Our solution kept clinical trials running while patients remained safe and socially distanced in their houses as the world went into lockdown.

Now more than ever, we understand that making patients the center of everything is top priority. At Medable we work relentlessly to leverage technology, and provide engaging, high-quality data capture systems that enable sponsors, patients, and sites to feel confident about adopting Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCTs). In fact, this is how we materialized our mission of “enabling effective therapies to reach patients faster”. Thankfully, market adoption has made us leaders in the DCT space. With this leadership comes the commitment from all of us who work at Medable, to work as a unified team and empower one another to reach new heights every day.

Joining Medable has been a fascinating life experience for me. It has shown me how the passion of an engaged group of individuals can go beyond frontiers and make a remote team feel as driven and connected as if we were all collocated. It has taught me to stop at nothing and find a way to make it happen. It has made me feel like an integral part of a company where we work hard, while still making the time to connect as a team to celebrate victories and promote wellness.

Medable is a dynamic place where I can see the impact and value of my work on a daily basis, not only within the “company walls” but in real life. It’s wonderful knowing that thanks to my work someone is finding a cure, and little by little we are improving the quality of life for millions while making the world a healthier place. If you are looking for a compelling reason to wake up everyday feeling energized about your work, please consider joining us at Medable!