Why I Joined Medable

Advancing the DCT Movement

Vice President & General Manager, eConsent at Medable

Save the Date!

Throughout my career in clinical research, encompassing time within big pharma, small biotech and large CRO, the increasing expectations that we place on both sites and patients and the additional burden that this creates has always been something that I have been careful to consider and endeavor to minimise. During my involvement in one of the very early decentralised clinical trials (DCTs), and observing the benefits this approach brought, the spark in me was set and I knew that this was an area I wanted to work in.

Having been introduced to Medable through a previous colleague of mine and after having met our CEO, Michelle Longmire, who passionately explained her vision for the company and what she wanted to achieve it was clear that Medable was going to be at the absolute forefront of this paradigm shift in how clinical research was conducted. I immediately knew that this was the right company for me to join so that I could play a part in this movement.

Joining Medable in early January 2020, the dramatic acceleration in the uptake of DCTs in response to the COVID19 pandemic was about to start. Little did I know what a wild ride we were all in for, but also what an amazing experience it would be working alongside the most passionate, dedicated and focused colleagues as we looked to implement new patient recruitment, patient management and data collection methods into both ongoing and new studies.

For me, Medable fulfils the most important aspects of job satisfaction. I’m able to observe the daily impact my work is having in tangibly reducing the burden of clinical trials and improving access to clinical trials to a broader base of the global population. Medable now has the privileged position of being the market leader in the DCT landscape and this gives me the opportunity to work at the cutting edge of DCTs alongside incredible people throughout the industry. Being part of changing this industry, simplifying clinical research and improving access to clinical trials and bringing medicines to patients quicker is truly the most satisfying role I’ve had in my career and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.