Why I Joined Medable:

A Unique Opportunity To Change Lives

John Walton, CSM, is a Technical Project Coordinator working on the PPD partnership team responsible for driving non-standard study configurations to production. For the past two years, he has facilitated high-quality data collection for both Cardiac Safety and eCOA studies. John graduated from Robert Morris University with a degree in Management where he was also a member of the men’s NCAA Division I ice hockey team.

Save the Date!

When we see a pharmaceutical company’s drug pipeline, we are viewing a roadmap to a better quality of life for patients; however, the main obstacle we encounter is the time it takes to bring these drugs to market. In the world of disease progression, the average 10-12 year timeline to approve new therapies can mean the loss of hope for many.


When I discovered Medable and their mission to bring effective therapies to patients faster by reducing clinical trial timelines by 50%, it was a statement that hit very close to home. Growing up with Cystic Fibrosis, I have been the beneficiary of medical breakthroughs that have advanced me from a life of predetermined struggle to enabling me to participate in collegiate athletics at the NCAA Division I level. What was once innovation, now necessity. Medable’s decentralized cloud-based platform enables high-risk patients, like me, simple and safe access to study enrollment while eliminating the risk of clinical on-site exposure. On the operations end, I cherish the challenge of providing a high-quality decentralized data capturing platform to
Sponsors and CROs to efficiently drive their studies to conclusion. This motivation comes knowing first-hand what it’s like to receive a next-gen therapy and the life changing benefits that go with it.

At Medable, we offer the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change the way clinical drug trials are conducted. Here you are not just another number in the system, but rather, an integral member of the project team. The teammates I have the privilege to collaborate with make it exciting to wake up every day and work towards that next therapeutic breakthrough.

While the Customer Success team operates under a remote setting, we have still found a way to develop a tight bond within the division. One of my first takeaways was the tight-knit family environment with a work-hard play-hard mindset. To any highly motivated individuals with a self-starter mentality, I encourage you to visit our career opportunities page and help our dream of bringing new treatments to market in half the time, become a reality.

Visit our careers page here: https://www.medable.com/company/careers