Jena Daniels Wins Acquisition International's Best Decentralized Clinical Trials Businesswoman for 2022

Jena is an experienced research manager with 10 years of experience in enabling digital solutions within academic and industry sponsored...

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Read Jena's reaction below to her well-deserved win:

I’d like to thank Acquisition International for awarding me the “Best Decentralized Clinical Trials Businesswoman 2022.” It’s an honor to have the work of myself, Patient Success, and all of my Medable teammates recognized and validated by the publication and our larger industry.

Four years ago, when I joined Medable, a colleague asked me what I wanted my legacy to be at Medable. This provocation led me to ideate novel ways to bring the lived experiences of patients and caregivers into the workflows and solutions at Medable. Supported by Medable's founders from the inception of the idea, I aimed to disrupt the legacy standard of how to operationalize patient engagement by enabling patients and caregivers to help inform, guide, and influence decentralized clinical trial technology. This ensured that patient and caregiver experiences were embedded earlier into the process than ever before. I am honored by the legacy I get to be part of every day and proud to be recognized by PharmaVOICE100 in 2021 and now Acquisition International this year.

While this award is very important to me, I believe it better amplifies the hard work and perseverance of the diverse patient and caregiver advocates my team and I get to work with every day. Their perspectives are embedded into the DNA of Medable, which cultivates a culture of patient-centricity that extends to our external partners. It also shines a light on the entire #teammedable, who actively support and include my team every step of the way. Empowering patients and caregivers within clinical trial development has enabled Medable, along with other external factors, to help bring the patient voice to the forefront of our industry. As a result, several other companies have begun their efforts to create patient-focused groups that influence how clinical trials are conducted today.

Many times, clinical trials are viewed from a data-first perspective. While no treatment can receive FDA approval without proper data, it’s important to remember that behind every data point is a person and their family, and that their life continues even though they have joined a clinical trial. We must obsess over every step of their experience when participating and make sure that all involved feel recognized, supported, and empowered so that they remain encouraged and engaged through the entirety of the clinical trial.

Additionally, it's with this perspective in mind that we must continue to work in concert with another key stakeholder, clinical trial sites. These sites represent every facet of the clinical trial - from the technology vendors to the sponsors to the advocates involved in the study and beyond. We would be remiss if we didn't focus on our partnership with the sites and study teams to ensure that they are confident with the technology that accompanies decentralized clinical trials. It's our responsibility to the sites, the patients, and to their families that we build products, workflows, and study solutions with a human-centered design approach and empathy.