By: Colin Weller, General Manager, Platform and Digital Solutions

Medable has always been, at its core, a platform that enables clinical trial sponsors to collect data and generate evidence to answer scientific questions. 

But from the start, Medable has done things differently. Today, the flexibility, purpose, and build of Medable’s evidence-collection platform is what sets us apart from others in our space. 

Our customers appreciate that our platform provides them with flexibility when deploying standard solutions for the unique science in their trials. This is because we enable them to better engage participants whether they’re at a facility, at home, or anywhere in between. 

This unique Medable DNA combined with choice and flexibility makes the platform more user-friendly, scalable, and successful at acquiring data from a wide range of data types and sources.

A growing body of evidence

Today’s clinical research industry offers more ‘tools in the toolbox’ than ever before. Sponsors and CROs can conduct trials and collect outcomes data utilizing patient-centric approaches resulting in more precise and efficient evidence generation.  An example of this is the industry’s increasing adoption of Digital Biomarkers and Digital Endpoints, as the technology continually improves. 

A good example of this is the well-documented research in participant gait analysis used as an endpoint. A recent NIH-published study shows the effectiveness of digital endpoints in an ever-evolving clinical landscape.

According to the study, which looked at a specific Sysnav product, “The recent regulatory qualification of a digital measure of ambulation, SV95C, has established a path for the adoption of wearable technology in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) registration trials and is considered a crucial precedent by multiple stakeholders for the development of novel digital endpoints in neuromuscular diseases. This qualification may advance the assessment of clinically meaningful functional improvements in DMD, as well as other neuromuscular diseases, by providing reliable and valid measures of functioning in a real-world setting.”

Put simply, there is real proof to the hypothesis that wearable technology and digital endpoints can positively impact Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy trials and reduce the necessary sample size of participants by up to 70%.

Now, think of the impact in terms of our mission, getting effective therapies to patients faster. 

Here, the jump in data quality provides sponsors and sites with better-quality data than previously imagined, positively impacting cost, timelines, insights, and compliance. 

Yet, the impact of better evidence generation may be even more striking in terms of costs. 

Patient recruitment delays remain the leading cause of trial delays today, with about 80% of trials failing to meet the initial enrollment target and with some estimates placing revenue loss around as much as $8 million per day. According to Centerwatch, reducing the number of required patients could slash recruitment durations and significantly impact this paradigm. 

Finally, by requiring fewer patients per trial, we reduce the number of humans who may undergo the risks and burdens of novel drug development and clinical research, which is the right thing to do.

Purpose-built for evidence generation

Medable was founded by former researchers, doctors, and pharma veterans. The result of our DNA is shown in a clinical trial platform that streamlines and simplifies data collection and clinical research.

Our platform works with any existing data source you have and can expand to include a vast network of sensors, wearables, and internet-connected devices. Our patient and site workflows are also filtered through this same system, offering customers a single platform to operate. 

Perhaps most importantly, the data collected is standardized, multi-layered, reportable, and compliant with all required regulations. 

Medable is here, now

With several notable sponsors signing within the last year, Medable is here and ready now to assist anyone conducting a trial who needs better, faster, easier evidence generation.

As we begin to look forward to a new year, we’re excited to showcase how we’re evolving in 2024 to increase the speed at which we generate evidence. Stay tuned for what’s in store, because evidence generation is Medable’s past and present – and we look forward to leading it into the future.