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Virtually 1/10-1/19

Need a crash course on the current and future states of clinical research?

Take some to learn what the future holds for pharma and digital technology, re-think how clinical trials are run with DCT, and understand if pharma is ready to turn the page on inclusivity at JPM.

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The 2022 program will put a spotlight on how COVID-19 accelerated the adoption of all things digital and provide insights from industry investors, deal makers, and company executives on the future of this space.

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Inclusivity in medicine: change accelerators/change makers
Speakers: Sans Thakur: Chief Growth Officer, Medable Inc. (Facilitator), Yele Aluko: Chief Medical Officer, Ernst & Young, Daniel Perez: Chief Executive Officer, Macro Trial
Watch now:
Decentralized Clinical Trials
Speakers: Medable - Alison Holland, Executive General Manager, Digital and Decentralized Solutions, Juliet Mortiz, COO Illingworth 
Day 3 - January 12
Pharma’s Digital Future
Speakers: Matt Miller - CEO, StudyKIK, Chihiro Hosoya - Head of Venture Management and Business Development, Astellas Rx+ Business Accelerator, Michelle Longmire - CEO and Co-Founder, Medable, Owen McCarthy - President and Founder, MedRhythms