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Clinical research is hard. We’re here to help make your work easier. 
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Whether you’re working on the next breakthrough treatment, or a small team bringing big innovation to the industry, Medable is here for you every step of the way.

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Medable hired a third-party firm to get real feedback from customers across our trials. Here’s what they had to say about us.

Better compliance and faster study startup

A top-10 pharmaceutical company chose Medable to “reach a broader patient population” and found success in “increasing per-protocol data collection compliance” and “significantly reducing participant recruitment time.”

Increased oversight and scalability with eCOA and eConsent

A pharmaceutical group sought to overcome regulatory barriers and chose Medable for their “reliable DCT platform.” They found success in “increased scalability, simplified clinical trial experience, and better oversight.”

Greater insights paired with an easy to use system

A top-10 pharmaceutical company sought Medable to improve its participant engagement achieved  “streamlined user experience, aggregated data for greater insights, and seamless integration into participants lives.”

Optimizing choice, flexibility and outcomes with Patient-First Data Collection for Oncology

Download our latest case study to see how the Medable platform helped a top 5 global pharma company with a strong Oncology focus improve clinician oversight of patients between site visits.

ePRO Case study: Better options and outcomes oncology trials.
“Our sites AND our teams are happy to report increased efficiency, reductions in ‘back and forth communication’, and less data entry.”
Director of Clinops

Top 5 Pharma


The latest from Medable


Demo On Demand: eCOA+, patient & site experiences, and pulse oximeter sensor

6 min

VP of Solution Consulting, Jess Dolphi, showcases a few of the platform’s features, including site experience, patient experience, data and oversight dashboards, and a demonstration of connecting a pulse oximeter sensor for remote data capture.

White Papers, Case Studies, Reports

U.S. Renal Care achieves 75% site adoption of eConsent with Medable

Medable’s Total Consent, used by U.S. Renal Care in top ten pharma-sponsored study, proved to be a flexible, fast, and efficient solution for the elderly renal care population.


Ethical Review of Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCTs): Tools, Resources & Best Practices

6 min

Industry experts from Medable and Harvard School of Medicine discuss how to equip your future digital/decentralized trial IRB & ethics submissions for success.

Prix Galien Best Digital Health Solution - Medable

Medable Wins 2024 Prix Galien UK Award for Best Digital Health Solution

6 min

Medable today announced that its evidence generation platform was awarded “Best Digital Health Solution” from a field of 17 nominees at the Prix Galien UK Forum in London. This marks the second time Medable has won the Best Digital Health Solution award, first taking home the honor in 2023 at the Prix Galien US ceremony. 

Tufts CSDD

New Research from Partnership for Advancing Clinical Trials (PACT) Reveals Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCTs) Beat Timeline Expectations

6 min

Medable today announced that the Partnership for Advancing Clinical Trials (PACT) consortium in conjunction with the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development (CSDD) has produced compelling results from a new study.

Elderly Patients in US Renal Care Trial using Total Consent

Medable Achieves 75% eConsent Adoption Across Elderly Patients in Pivotal U.S. Renal Care Clinical Trial

6 min

The Phase IV trial, funded by a top-10 global pharmaceutical company, had a narrow recruitment window to enroll patients suffering from Anemia in End Stage Kidney Disease (ESKD) across more than 40 dialysis centers, involving 476 site users.