J.P Morgan Week Trends, Observations, and More With Rasmus Hogreffe J.P.

Rasmus Hogreffe, MSc.Med., MBA is considered as a Virtual Clinical Trials expert. His main goal is to improve treatment for patients by...

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With a few days of this year’s J.P. Morgan (JPM) already behind us, we took the time to speak with  Rasmus Hogreffe,VP, Decentralized Clinical Trial Innovation, to summarize his key observations, thoughts, and feelings around what he’s seen during this year’s conference.

Interest in DCT is Growing, and Key Players are Learning the Language

“This is perhaps the most I’ve ever seen DCT mentioned during JPM before. It’s great to see that DCT has become not only the buzz word of the conference, but rather, much more understood than it was in previous years.

One of the more underscored elements of DCT, is that it operates within its own framework, or language within the clinical trial space. Now, with COVID-19 forcing multiple pharma companies to adapt, we’re having much more in-depth conversations with other organizations than ever before, allowing us to really explore the space with an ease not available to us in previous years.”

Clinical Trials Seem Unlikely to Go “Back to Normal”

“At JPM, everyone seems to be understanding that what we’re doing today is the “new norm.” Many of the major players are now understanding what it takes to be decentralized, and realizing that they don’t have to abandon site networks, that they don’t have to give up old standards, nor do they have to “throw everything they’ve learned out” in order to decentralize.

What this brings is a new sense of wonder, and a new fervor in how we do business. With many seeing the benefits that DCT brings, it almost feels like the new era is here, and here to stay.”

A Worrying Trend - Less Focus on Patient-Centricity

“This year, we’ve seen more of a rise and focus on remote approaches, decentralized solutions, and new buzz words and business models that can help organizations transition themselves.

However, I’ve unfortunately noticed a dropoff in the amount of content geared towards patient understanding and centricity. As many will note, the ultimate goal of decentralization is to benefit the patient, making trials easier for everyone to participate.

While I’m not surprised to see more focus on remote settings, decentralization, and more. I do hope that the industry realizes what decentralization means to the patient. Or rather, that they must build their remote offerings with the patient first.”

About Rasmus

Rasmus Hogreffe, MSc.Med., MBA is considered as a Virtual Clinical Trials expert. His main goal is to improve treatment for patients by making trials better and faster than ever before, using digital and remote innovations.

He holds an Executive MBA and a Master in Medical Science (MSc. Medicine) and has, since 2010, been working in the healthcare industry in various positions within clinical research & development.

Rasmus has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry and has been involved in more than 60 clinical trials, giving him a broad knowledge regarding every aspect of clinical research.

Furthermore, Rasmus is a serial entrepreneur and has a successful record of starting and selling companies within his broad scope of interests: Digitalization of clinical trials, Patient recruitment, Real World Data, and Health innovation.

In addition, as an external lecturer and supervisor at Aalborg University, Rasmus has developed and given courses and workshops on management of clinical studies on topics such as the development of recruitment and retention strategies, site-optimization, site-selection and patient engagement to sponsors, investigators and study teams at leading medical centers.

His innovative approach within the field of digital health, Patient Recruitment, and Virtual Clinical Trials make him a frequently used chairman and speaker.