Click, tap & enroll.

Digital & DCT Screening.

Offer your patients a simple, intuitive way to enroll and screen in your studies, while unlocking patient populations that were previously out of reach.

Recruit patients at home.

Connect virtually any recruitment workflow to our digital screening and consent app.

Build highly-refined patient cohorts for precision medicine and targeted therapies.

Find the right patients by integrating with a variety to digital recruitment tools.

Digitalizing the process, we were able to remotely screen 11,000 patients in record time, reducing eligible patient enrollment from two years to just one year. Site reduction of 75% from 100 sites to 25, saving over $30MM.

Mid-Size BioPharma Sponsor

Genetic Screening

Multi-modal flexibility.

Screen patients anytime, anywhere.

Create protocol-fit patient workflows.

Enable patients to screen from any device.

Highly configurable screening assessments.

Collect dermatology images, diabetes blood tests, genetic tests, pain scores, GI questionnaires, and more to ensure you have the right patients for your studies.

Medable’s platform is secure, compliant, and scalable.

Built with the highest standards of data privacy and security.

Includes FDA 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA, GDPR, and more.

Why Medable?

$25 million in customer cost savings
Screening over 3,000 patients, per month, globally
Studies with 100% of enrollment goals