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Data-driven, decentralized clinical trials

A Decentralized Trial Platform that offers you a seamless and integrated experience to connect patients, sites, and clinical trial teams.


Medable provides decentralized trials, delivered on a global platform to unify clinical trial solutions


On a mission to reduce clinical trial timelines by 50%

Medable Patient Advisory Council

Committed to patient inclusivity.


"What we were able to build in the timelines we were working with could not have been done without the CLEAN pack." 

- John Smith




"What we were able to build in the timelines we were working with could not have been done without the CLEAN pack." 

- John Smith


Patient Advisory Council


PAC is a nationwide network of expert patient advocates, advisors, and caregivers with a diverse background in patient engagement and a strong understanding of patient preferences. This patient-led council is dedicated to improving the efficiency of clinical trials by embedding the patient voice and perspective into every facet of clinical trials so innovative, life-saving medications can get faster approval.


Patient Champion Network (PCN)

The PCN included patients and caregivers with diverse experiences that lend themselves to providing constructive feedback and the insights on Medable patient-facing initiatives on a project to project basis. 

To learn more about the Medable PAC and PCN, please contact us.


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Joan Venticinque

"As a cancer survivor and patient advocate, I represent the collective views of survivors, patients and family members effected by cancer. As a PAC member, I leverage that experience to ensure research and clinical trials are patient-centered, relevant and reflect the patient's and caregiver's needs and concerns."

Joan Venticinque, PAC Member

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Richie Kahn

"As a health policy wonk by training, a clinical researcher by choice, and optic atrophy patient advocate by necessity, I came to the Medable PAC to learn from the patient community and incorporate the patient perspective across the clinical trial landscape to ultimately accelerate clinical trial timelines. "

Richie Kahn, PAC Member

Paul Kidwell HS

Paul Kidwell

Paul Kidwell is a Boston-based, independent public relations/patient advocacy consultant providing media relations and patient engagement support for biopharmaceutical companies, and a rare disease podcaster. He has also been a Parkinson’s caregiver since 2007.

PAC member

Sumaira Ahmed

"Passionate about utilizing my personal experiences as both a patient and advocate to make positive changes and impact in the rare disease community". 

Sumaira Ahmed PAC Member


Jena Daniels

"The Medable PAC provides a unique opportunity for key stakeholders to work together, and contribute their insights and experience to accelerate innovation. By integrating the patient voice within Medable’s digital and hybrid solutions, we offer a human-focused experience."

Jena Daniels, Medable PAC Advisor

Jennifer McNary

Jennifer McNary

"As the mother of two young adults with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and a patient advocate, I am excited to chair Medable’s PAC. By including the patient voice, we help to create a better patient experience and increase engagement with difficult-to-populate rare disease trials."

Jennifer McNary, PAC Chair

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Gaurav Dave

“Firstly, I am living with cancer with an artificial heart valve. Secondly, I am a physician-researcher and clinical trialist by profession. My goal in life is to elevate the intersectionality between my lived experiences as a patient and research know-how as a clinician. I joined Medable PAC to bring both perspectives."

Dr. Gaurav Dave,  PAC Member