See smarter outcomes
Up level Clinical Outcome Assessments and arm your studies with real-time data.

Right Size your COA Strategy

See the flexibility of Medable TeleCOA
Start with virtually any ePRO and advance to eClinRo, eObsRo, and ePerfO
Capture outcome data in-person, remotely, or any combination
By combining eCOA with TeleVisits on any web-enabled device, Medable has made it much easier to shift onsite visits to remote without sacrificing the most important interactions between patient and investigator.
Richie Kan, Medable Patient Advisory Council Member

Improve Access to Outcome Assessments

Decrease deployment time while giving patients more choice
Support custom workflows and complex decision trees
Provide your study teams with real-time patient oversight

Increase Data Quality With Real-Time Insights

Arm your studies with clean, actionable trial data that can be viewed in real time, guiding your sites and study teams towards key decisions including:
Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria
Adverse Events
Dosing & Efficacy
Proven Expertise
Employees in 50+ Studies
Reported patient satisfaction score >90%