Medable at DIA 2021

Decentralized Clinical Trial Readiness for your Organization

We are living in a time of rapid change.

With more than 76% of sponsors beginning to decentralize their trials, Medable recognizes the shifts taking place today. 

However, how organizations prepare today, determines how well they'll perform tomorrow.

Join Medable for a discussion on DCT adaptation from a scientific, operational, and innovative technology perspective. We'll identify how to transform drug development into a new era of digitally enabled, decentralized solutions that make research access ubiquitous to all.

Our speakers

Vice President & General Manager, eConsent at Medable

Rasmus Hogreffe, MSc.Med., MBA is considered as a Virtual Clinical Trials expert. His main goal is to improve treatment for patients by...

As Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Pamela Tenaerts oversees Medable’s clinical research department to help identify, develop and implement...

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