While the digital transformation of clinical trials has made tremendous strides in recent years, the plethora of new technologies is overwhelming sites. To run one clinical trial, the investigative site team can use up to 15 different systems (e.g. EDC, EHR/EMR, payments, CTMS, radiology, technology vendors, etc.) on top of learning how to leverage remote site staff and virtual facilities. While technology should, in theory, make sites’ operations easier, the surplus of distinct point solutions can create burdens.

In this webcast, featured speakers will dive into the site experience and discuss the importance of implementing a change management strategy coupled with a unified digital trial platform that streamlines eConsent, eCOA, sensors and integration workflows into a single end-to-end experience. This will ensure productive sites that can focus on participants.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Site pain points associated with digital trials (lack of flexibility, autonomy, and budget)
  • Guidelines to ensure the optimal combination of technologies for sites
  • Effective change management tactics to make sites comfortable with new technologies
  • A case study of effective digital trial implementation to maximize site productivity
  • Sponsor of Choice: Empowering Sites with a Voice