Clinical Operations Directors

Make this year your most efficient

Take your trial’s operations, quality, and data to the next level with a platform designed by clinicians and investigators.

Meet milestones faster and easier

Medable’s platform helps customers accelerate overall delivery at site and regional levels, helping teams meet goals using fewer steps and with better communication.

Say goodbye to difficult and disparate data

Medable’s digital evidence platform was purpose-built to integrate with all existing clinical systems and simplify your trial’s data flow.

Medable eco dashboard

Take it easy with automatic quality and audit controls

Gain complete visibility and oversight into your trial with real-time user tracking and monitoring of all  activities, under one dashboard.

What clients are saying

Medable hired a third-party firm to get real feedback from customers across our trials. Here’s what they had to say about us.

Better compliance and faster study startup

A top-10 pharmaceutical company chose Medable to “reach a broader patient population” and found success in “increasing per-protocol data collection compliance” and “significantly reducing participant recruitment time.”

Increased oversight and scalability with eCOA and eConsent

A pharmaceutical group sought to overcome regulatory barriers and chose Medable for their “reliable DCT platform.” They found success in “increased scalability, simplified clinical trial experience, and better oversight.”

Greater insights paired with an easy to use system

A top-10 pharmaceutical company sought Medable to improve its participant engagement achieved  “streamlined user experience, aggregated data for greater insights, and seamless integration into participants lives.”

A focus on patient-reported outcome measures and eConsent

Optimizing trial design for oncology studies by implementing digital solutions, standardizing assessments, and emphasizing flexibility can reduce the burden on participants and sites.

Enhancing Oncology trials with digital solutions: A focus on patient-reported outcome measures and eConsent