Oncology Webinar

Simplifying Oncology Trials: Decentralization for oncology trials

Today, 30% of cancer patients that participate in an oncology trial will quit. 


A lack of access, awareness, and trust has hindered inclusivity in medical science. 

Find out why bringing the on-site experience into patients' homes can make clinical research, and therefore treatments, work for everybody.

SVP, DCT Solutions, Oncology at Medable

Luisa Sansalone has worked in the clinical research area for more than 12 years.

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One upside to the pandemic: a revolution in how oncology clinical trials are conducted. Make yours more efficient, cost-effective and improve outcomes with this free webinar.

The innovations made to oncology clinical trials — novel hybrid, decentralized and patient-centric approaches developed and deployed during COVID-19 — mean the clinical trial industry is now better able to deliver excellence in oncology care.

This new flexibility shows no signs of stopping, as these methods minimize service disruptions and lessen the burden on patients and caregivers — without compromising ethical conduct, safety or data integrity.

But you have to know how to use remote monitoring and decentralization to your advantage.

This is where Archana Sah, senior vice president of DCT Solutions, Medable and Luisa Sansalone, past clinical research manager at Austin Cancer Center come in. They will uncover best practices and strategies for developing and deploying decentralized models in oncology trials.

Webinar Takeaways:

  • Which oncology protocols are best suited for decentralized clinical trials (DCTs)
  • Common-use cases for using decentralized methods and technology in oncology
  • Benefits of using a DCT platform purpose-built by clinicians, technology experts and patient advocates who represent the oncology community
  • Regulatory guidance on hybrid/decentralized trial design
  • The site perspective of adoption of DCT in oncology
  • How patients can monitor their symptoms, record their vitals and communicate with their clinician(s) in real time

The revolution in oncology clinical trials is here. Take advantage of remote monitoring and decentralization — while improving outcomes and lowering costs — with this free webinar.