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Oncology 4.0: Nextmed, Innouvo Health, US Embassy, BioValley

Sanskriti (Sans) Thakur is Medable's Chief Growth Officer. She most recently served as Global Life Sciences Research Lead for Accenture.

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As the world is aging, the population growing, set to be if I am not mistaken at 10b by 2050, cancer is and will remain one of the biggest challenges in healthcare.

  • From detection, to cure, to post treatment, to avoidance.
  • How do we improve the patient journey
  • How do we improve truly outcomes
  • How to we make treatment accessible
  • How do we make treatment work for everyone etc.
  • What are some of the major unmet needs that no one is looking at
  • What about diversity in all of that
  • What are the elephants in the room that need to be tackled
  • What's the future of pharma
  • How does ai, digital, new medtech change the game
  • How can we as a civilization live better to solve for the root causes of cancer

The new generation of game changers (that we/you are) have the potential to make the biggest strides with innovation in cancer. Let's see how. These are all questions that we will be exchanging on today. Let's put the problems on the table. The step one to solving a problem is knowing what that problem is.