August 27, 2019

Medable Partners with the University of Pennsylvania LITE Psoriasis Study to Accelerate Patient Enrollment and Increase Retention

Medable’s digital trials platform will drive the Phase 4 pragmatic study, driving enrollment of 1050 patients across 20-40 clinical site locations With the Medable platform, LITE will accelerate patient enrollment and increase retention with inter-operability of connecting clinicians & patients with a technology solution

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Tuesday, August 27, 2019
2:53 pm

PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Medable Inc., a leading provider of digital trials platform, today announced the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine has partnered with Medable to accelerate patient enrollment and increase patient retention in the Light Treatment Effectiveness (LITE) study, which evaluates home versus office-based narrow band ultraviolet B phototherapy for the treatment of psoriasis.

Medable’s direct-to-patient app was selected for LITE, a Phase 4 pragmatic study that will enroll 1050 patients across 20-40 clinical site locations (NCT03726489). The study will evaluate the effectiveness of home-based phototherapy treatments for psoriasis compared to treatments that require a visit to a doctor’s office three times a week.

“Medable’s technology solution ensures our patient and site facing apps integrate seamlessly into the busy schedules of our patients and researchers, leading to more complete and accurate data collection, as well as better patient enrollment and retention in our study,” said Dr. Joel M. Gelfand, lead study investigator, and professor of Dermatology and Epidemiology in the Perelman School of Medicine at University of Pennsylvania. “We needed a partner that had the technical sophistication and experience necessary to customize the LITE study app to the needs of our patients and researchers, while providing the inter-operability to connect clinicians, researchers, and patients across our different sites,” he added.

“As we continue to expand into the growing clinical trials landscape, we’re excited to collaborate with Penn Medicine, a leading academic center on this important study in psoriasis. Through a patient-centric approach, we will accelerate enrollment, increase patient retention and connect clinicians and patients with our technology solutions,” said Dr. Michelle Longmire, CEO, and founder, Medable. “Our market-leading data-driven and virtual solutions enable life sciences companies and academic research centers to bring new innovative therapies to patients faster.”

About Medable

Medable is a privately held, venture-backed company headquartered in Palo Alto, California. Medable is on a mission to get effective therapies to patients faster by dramatically reducing the time from therapeutic development to market realization with digital data capture and real-time analytics that remove the complexities of clinical research to dramatically reduce trial timelines. Medable is pioneering a new category of life science technologies that replace the stagnant and siloed data of traditional ePRO, eCOA, EDC, and eSource with an intelligent and unified end-to-end (E2E) platform for clinical trial execution. Medable’s end-to-end digital trials platform allows patients, healthcare providers, clinical research organizations and pharmaceutical sponsors to work together as a connected and empowered team in clinical trials and research.

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