Revolutionizing research with one unified platform.

Our powerful, user-friendly platform is designed for participants, sites, and sponsors - all in one integrated solution.

Standardize your workflow

Streamline your study start up with repeatable study, workflow, and notification templates all from a unified, cloud-based platform.

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Onboard with Total Consent Management

Expedite recruitment and onboarding with digital screening surveys and digital consent. Expand global access to trials, improve participant retention, and minimize compliance errors with Total Consent.

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Trial engagement and retention

Keep participants engaged in your trial with offline accessiblity, cross-platform TeleVisit scheduling with waiting room, reminders and notifications, and in-app help and support.

Medable participant Televist platform

Generate high-quality evidence with eCOA+

Spend less time cleaning your data and more time analyzing it to quickly discover clinically meaningful insights. Harness the power of eCOA, connected sensors, and owned or provisioned devices combined in one robust solution.

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Leverage complete oversight into your study

Get a real-time view of data and participant progress with operational dashboards to prevent dropouts, catch trends early, and make more informed decisions.

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Empowering global research

  • Cloud agnostic, global infrastructure
  • Connect and work with multiple systems through a single API
  • Right-to-left language support
  • Enabled in 115 languages
  • Designed to comply with all global regulations, including FDA 21 CFR Part 11, ICH E6 (R2), and GDPR
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