What makes our platform unique.

Our platform is designed around an inclusive trial experience that is both human and data-centered. This enables our customers to drive precise outcomes, scale their capabilities up or down, and blend multiple sources of data together in real-time.

Extensively vetted

Vetted across 150+ decentralized, hybrid, remote, and on-site trials.


Gain an extensible and modular platform designed from the ground up to offer a single, simple, efficient trial experience.

User-friendly and intuitive

Intuitive experience that’s both human and data-centered, enabling efficient workflows.

Highly scalable

Protocol fit-scalability enables more or less functionality based on your trials’ needs.

Unmatched compatibility

Interfaces with any existing clinical trial system used today.

Wearable connectivity

Connectable to almost any consumer-grade wearable and sensor.


Medable offers unique solutions to design trials according to your goals, needs, and desired outcomes.

These includes the bundles listed below, as well as individual solutions tailored to your specific needs.


Designed to easily scale your trials, we offer you an easier way to address oncology, rare diseases, vaccines, and other categories.


A combination of DCT platform and training programs enable you to plan and execute decentralized clinical trials while upskilling your workforce.

Patient and site

Created alongside our patient advisory council and site council network, our patient and site solutions are uniquely focused on experience, and efficiency.

By phase

We offer a complete suite of decentralized products across eConsent, eCOA, TeleVisit, and others to maximize value across all phases.


Streamline science using products that are custom built by clinicians, patient advocates, and tech experts to fit the needs of any trial.

These includes the bundles listed below, as well as individual solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Digital & DCT Screening.

Conveniently screen patients no matter where they’re located.

Screen patients from any device - BYOD, or provisioned.

Decrease deployment time while giving patients more choice.

Collect a range of screening assessments across multiple TAs.

Create protocol-fit patient workflows.


Optimize patient access to clinical research with a modern eConsent platform.

Enhance remote consent with TeleVisits on a secure, compliant, and unified platform.

Gain a single experience across eConsent, TeleVisits and more.

Pre-screen for a pool of trial-ready participants.

Consent on-site or remotely with real-time signature executions.

Integrate with external systems including randomization and trial supply management.

Provide multilingual eConsent with multimedia support, dedicated dashboards, and visualization tools.


Provide the comfort of an in-office experience at home.

Connect TeleVisit to eCOA or eConsent to offer patients live connectivity when they need it most.

Integrate real-time data from connected devices for monitoring, safety, and efficacy.

Use text and email to schedule appointments.

EHR/EMR agnostic.


Securely collect, integrate, and harmonize data to improve study data quality and patient experience.

Increase patient engagement and adherence using diaries, reminders, automatic data collection, and more.

Create the data experience your patients desire with ePRO, ePerfO, eClinRO, and eObsRO functionality.

Embrace an effortless user experience built alongside our patient advisory council (PAC).

Unify clinical workflows through flexible integrations with other ecosystem services (such as EDC).

Support multilingual use with question creation and analytic tools.

Use real-time data to power real-world insights.

Remote Patient Monitoring.

Give patients a simple, intuitive way to collect trial data.

Choose from a range of validated instruments, tested and reviewed by our Patient Advisory Council for an optimal experience.

Enhance the patient experience with the ability to connect to a live physician.

Authenticate, manage, and verify accuracy of data.

Utilize overview dashboards and analytics capabilities.