For oncology patients living in rural parts of Nova Scotia, accessing follow-up care can be challenging, especially when it requires lengthy travel time and costs. That’s why Nova Scotia Health is partnering with Medable Inc, on a two-year pilot study to improve access to clinical trials. Using Medable’s Total Consent Management and TeleVisit solutions plus other services, patients will have the ability to speak with a physician when they need it the most – from the comfort of their home.

Nova Scotia Health, which conducts around 400 clinical trials per year, also hopes this strategy will empower primary care providers (PCP) to be more involved with their patients post-trial through a shared care model, supported by DCT technologies.

“We face numerous challenges to providing holistic care, including remote parts of Nova Scotia, difficulty in recruiting diverse patients, and a shortage of clinical researchers,” explained Dr. Ali Imran, the principal investigator for this study and physician for Nova Scotia Health. “With Medable, my patients will continue to get the best care, wherever they live. This is the future of clinical research, and I am honored to play my part.”

In January, Nova Scotia Health launched its two-year pilot study of differentiated thyroid cancer patients and their follow-up care post treatment using the Total Consent Management solution on the Medable platform, under the care of Dr. Imran.

“Nova Scotia Health is focused on conducting breakthrough research that brings meaningful outcomes to patients. We aspire to lead globally in identifying and implementing new technologies that facilitate those outcomes, especially in remote settings,” said Dr. Gail Tomblin Murphy, vice president, research, innovation and discovery and chief nurse executive at Nova Scotia Health. “Alongside Dr. Imran, we are thrilled to partner with Medable, a fellow champion of healthcare innovation whose solutions directly address the challenges in our province’s health system, from patient access and a wide variety of available trials to best care possible, and beyond. We look forward to a successful ongoing partnership.”

“The success of this pilot stands to be a game-changer far beyond the borders of Nova Scotia,” said Michelle Longmire, co-founder and CEO of Medable. “Our technologies will empower a shared care model where PCPs will provide long-term oncology monitoring and care that was previously only possible through specialists – to the detriment of patient experience and outcomes. The potential benefits are vast – from improved prevention of cancer recurrence to increased diversity in clinical research.”

“With Medable at our side,” Dr. Tomblin Murphy concluded, “we will be able to be a leader in the evolution of clinical trial execution, helping sponsors to conduct accessible clinical trials regardless of where patients live.”

Medable has deployed its software-as-a-service platform via more than 300 decentralized and hybrid clinical trials in 60 countries, serving more than one million patients and research participants globally. Medable’s customers have achieved impressive results with decentralized and hybrid trials – including 200 percent faster enrollment and 50 percent cost reductions. A recent 2022 financial modeling of DCTs using industry benchmark and Medable data conducted by the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development shows that, on average, decentralized trials can achieve net financial benefits ranging from five to 13 times for Phase II and Phase III trials, due to reduced trial timelines and other factors.

Learn more about Medable’s partnership with Nova Scotia Health and other leaders at the 14th Annual SCOPE Conference (February 6-9, 2023) in Orlando, FL – booth #613.

About Medable

Medable is on a mission to get effective therapies to patients faster by transforming clinical drug development with disruptive technologies. The company’s digital platform streamlines design, recruitment, retention and data quality for decentralized trials, replacing siloed systems with integrated digital tools, data and interfaces to accelerate trial execution. Medable connects patients, sites and clinical trial teams to improve patient access, experience and outcomes. Medable’s software has been named a Leader in the industry by both Everest Group and IDC. Medable is a privately held, venture-backed company headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

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