Medable, the leading software provider for patient-centered clinical trials, today announced that it has entered a four-year enterprise contract with GSK to enable decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) across their portfolio using the company’s industry-leading DCT platform. Medable was selected by GSK to accelerate the delivery of new medicines and enable their clinical trials to be more inclusive and representative of all patient populations.

Medable’s technology was chosen after a rigorous evaluation of the leading clinical trial platforms, as it best aligns with GSK’s goals of increasing access to research, improving diversity, and creating more patient-centric trial designs. Medable’s end-to-end DCT platform provides many critical digital capabilities, including eConsent, TeleVisit, and eCOA, as well as the flexibility to deploy modern, patient-centered clinical trials.

“It is an honor to be selected by GSK as its preferred partner for decentralized clinical trials,” said Dr. Michelle Longmire, Co-founder and CEO of Medable. “GSK has been a leader in innovative science for decades and is taking yet another transformational step forward by leveraging a modern, patient-centric model to conduct clinical trials with Medable. It's incredibly exciting, and we are looking forward to helping millions of patients together.”

Medable has deployed its software-as-a-service platform via more than 300 decentralized and hybrid clinical trials in 60 countries, serving more than one million patients and research participants globally. Medable’s customers have achieved impressive results with decentralized and hybrid trials – including 200 percent faster enrollment and 50 percent cost reductions. A recent 2022 financial modeling of DCTs using industry benchmark and Medable data conducted by the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development shows that, on average, decentralized trials can achieve net financial benefits ranging from five to 13 times for Phase II and Phase III trials, due to reduced trial timelines and other factors.

Learn more about Medable’s partnership with GSK and other life science leaders at the 12th annual DPharm Disruptive Innovations U.S. conference (Sept 13-14, 2022) in Boston – booth #48.