Medable, the leading software provider for patient-centered clinical trials, today launched the Medable Partner Network – uniting a diverse ecosystem of technology, service, data, site, and direct-to-patient partners that work together to accelerate deployment of decentralized clinical trials. The network includes new partnerships with Advanced Clinical, Cognizant and CVS, and expanded relationships with Datavant, Oracle, Parexel, PPD, part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Syneos Health. These partners share in Medable’s mission to get more effective therapies to patients faster.

“The next stage of clinical trial transformation is collaboration at scale. Accelerating innovation requires an ecosystem, so we’ve created the Medable Partner Network to simplify collaboration for both sponsors and partners,” said MaryAnne Rizk, Ph.D., chief strategy officer at Medable. “Our ecosystem of certified partners allows us to innovate faster together, so we can deliver smarter trials to meet the needs of patients and address the biggest challenges in healthcare.”

Today’s pharma and biotech sponsors need scalability, faster time to market, lower operating costs, and world-class technology and service partners to achieve success. Medable enables sponsors to securely build, launch, and manage studies based on a proven clinical trials platform, flexible applications, extended partner ecosystem, and 24x7 global support. The Medable Partner Network allows sponsors to scale their strategies to put patients at the center of care with remote trial access, superior user experiences, and a range of services, connected devices, and data sources.

Medable empowers partners to provide differentiated value and rapidly build revenue streams through four offerings: 1) Strategic alignment across therapeutic areas; 2) Preconfigured solutions and go-to-market delivery; 3) Technical enablement; and 4) Design innovation. Medable also provides partners with Medable Academy training and certification, enabling them to deepen their decentralized trial experience with real-world insights from a team of scientific, medical, and technical experts. Medable has now certified nearly 1,000 individuals to manage and support decentralized trials with high standards of compliance, privacy, security, and safety.

Medable Partner Network categories include:

  • Service partners: Medable works with contract research organizations and systems integrators that provide outsourced expertise for trial deployment, project management, and support. For example, Medable partners with Advanced Clinical, Parexel, PPD, part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, Syneos Health and other CROs to build and deploy clinical trials with certified expertise. Medable also partners with top system integrators including Cognizant, which brings certified expertise in decentralized and hybrid trial deployment, study management, data analysis, insight generation, site relationships, and process optimization.
  • Data partners: Medable partners with data partners (Datavant and others) to help sponsors integrate real-world health records, claims, diagnostic, and other data sources with their clinical trial data. This eliminates time-intensive manual steps that slow clinical trials, while also improving patient access and helping trial teams optimize evidence generation during and after studies.
  • Technology partners: Medable works with software, data, and connected device partners to ensure interoperability across systems using Medable’s extensible platform and APIs, providing a seamless data flow and experience for sponsors, sites, and patients. For example, Medable and Oracle Health Sciences have developed data and workflow integrations between Medable’s eConsent, eCOA, ePRO and TeleVisit applications with Oracle’s Clinical One platform, simplifying trial deployment and providing high levels of flexibility and choice for sponsors and CROs.
  • Direct-to-patient partners: Medable partners with direct-to-patient service providers (Vault Health and others) to improve the patient concierge experience with home health nursing, connected devices, and remote sites, helping sponsors transform clinical research to reduce patient burden.
  • Site partners: Medable expands site access by connecting patients with remote sites, offering easier ways to collect patient data, and bringing the on-site experience home using telemedicine. Medable empowers sites with customized training modules, best practices, and individual certifications to expand decentralized trial knowledge. Medable is also collaborating with CVS Health to expand clinical trial access and engagement for patients at select CVS MinuteClinic™ retail locations via Medable’s software platform, expanding the point of access from clinics to communities. (See separate release here.)

Medable has deployed its SaaS platform via more than 150 decentralized and hybrid clinical trials in 60 countries, serving more than one million patients and research participants globally. By minimizing the need for in-person site visits, Medable customers have achieved impressive results – including 200 percent faster enrollment, 90 percent retention rates, and 50 percent cost reductions. A new study from Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development shows that, on average, decentralized trials can achieve net financial benefits ranging from five to 14 times for Phase II and Phase III trials, due to reduced trial timelines and other factors.

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