Patients as Partners Conference

Jena is an experienced research manager with 10 years of experience in enabling digital solutions within academic and industry sponsored...

“Not enough diverse patients!” - a challenge that we are all too familiar with – wherein we do not consider ensuring equitable access in all phases of clinical trials research. Fair and equitable patient (and site) selection in clinical trials helps determine the distribution of risks and benefits and impacts the applicability of study results for investigational therapies. 

In this session, Medable’s Jena Daniels, Director of Research and Head of Patient Advisory Council, will sit down with Dr. Gaurav Dave, a UNC Associate Professor of Medicine, Associate Director of the Center for Health Equity Research, Director of Abacus Evaluation Consulting, patient advocate, expert clinical trialist, and member of Medable’s Patient Advisory Council, to define equitable access for patients in decentralized clinical trials. 

  • How to best increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in DCTs and hybrid models.
  • Two actions you can take TODAY to begin ensuring equitable access.

Watch On-Demand: Differentiating Between Equality and Equity in Access to Decentralized Clinical Trials Participation