Overcome Perceived DCT and eCOA Adoption Hurdles

Alison (Ali) Holland is Head of Decentralized Clinical Trials at Medable and is chartered to design and expand the end-to-end capabilities.

Rasmus Hogreffe, MSc.Med., MBA is considered as a Virtual Clinical Trials expert. His main goal is to improve treatment for patients by...

With more patients currently at home than in sites, the clinical paradigm has permanently shifted towards remote and virtual approaches. And while remote data capture and trial decentralization are mission critical to study success, barriers still exist to their implementation:

Can we decentralize studies into therapies with higher toxicity profiles, such as those in oncology?
How do we ensure older participants are able to successfully use eCOA and DCT technologies?
Can we use a remote eCOA and DCT approach without the reliance on multiple vendors and disjointed solutions?

To overcome these hurdles, flexible Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment (eCOA) technologies with native DCT capabilities like TeleVisits, will be essential tools in maintaining data quality with fewer deviations and missed appointments.

Join clinical trial leaders as we explore common barriers to adopting eCOA and DCT approaches. In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Best practices around incorporating DCT technologies into studies for therapies with higher toxicity profiles, such as those in oncology.
  • Techniques for using technology to improve patient centricity, even for older participants
  • Strategies for localizing your eCOA and DCT strategy at the site or country level
  • Ways to implement remote eCOA and DCTs without the need for many disjointed technologies

If the last year has proven anything, it’s that rigid trial solutions won't meet the needs of study teams anymore.