Medable is transforming pharma medical research by enabling adherence and trial innovation with compliance and safety, at scale.

Regulatory and Compliance

Medable is dedicated to enabling tightly regulated industries like Biopharma to be leaders in digital health innovation. We work closely with your team and technology to provide strategic guidance navigating the regulatory and compliance landscape. Our end goal is to enable your pharma medical research to positively impact patient lives and clinical processes, safely and with the proper regulatory and compliance framework.


Clinical Trials

Medable provides full scope clinical trial innovation capabilities for BioPharma. From conception to regulatory and submission processes, Medable provides core expertise, technology, and compliance guidance to ensure that innovation meets industry requirements and strategic objectives.

  • Capture patient reported data with companion apps
  • Automate symptom management
  • Automate side effect reporting
  • Identify adverse events earlier
  • Improve communication
  • Enable massive data collection and analysis


Medication Companion

Leveraging Medable, you can build effective medication companion apps that provide improved connectivity, efficiency, and data tracking for patients.

  • Engage patients
  • Increase convenience
  • Collect key data
  • Optimize apps with usage analytics
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