A new technology offering designed for CROs

  • Get trained and started in two weeks or less
  • Deploy eConsent in days, and relieve the worry around startup and enrollment
  • Expand your brand’s capabilities across your business portfolio with eConsent
  • A self-service (SaaS) authoring tool, with the ability to create your own templates
  • Intuitive template design makes it simple to get started, minimizing validation and testing time
  • Strengthen your offerings and stand out from competitors with the industry’s leading eConsent offering

Need more integration from your consent?

Learn more about total eConsent Management, our complete eConsent Offering.

Tell me more about Total Consent

  • An engaging, informational experience featuring explainer videos, interactive diagrams, optional self-assessments, and more
  • Full compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, eIDAS, HIPAA, GDPR, and ICH GCP
  • Biosample attribution through the use of metadata tags
  • Permission-based workflows by roles and responsibilities for secure control

Offer your sponsors’ trials a complete consent management solution for better participant access, experience, and retention.

Stay competitive with your own eConsent

Our SaaS offering enables you to compete in a competitive market as eConsent becomes standard in trials. 

Branded under your organization's name, Total Consent works worldwide on-site or remote, with support for over 120+ locales.

Get started in just days

Get trained and ready to use by Medable SMEs in days, providing you with complete control of your consent solution. 

Our pre-validated, point-and-click SaaS technology is a simple solution that improves patient education and retention, while enabling rapid deployment of eConsent to new studies.

Standardizes efficiency and deployment

Simplify deployment with a quick and intuitive eConsent offering that’s accessible on any BYOD web-enabled device.

Inform and consent participants anywhere in the world, and easily collect compliant signatures (digital or wet-ink), on-site or remote with integrated TeleVisits.

Expand Global Access to Trials

Accessible on any web-enabled device (BYOD or provisioned), our scalable solution can inform and consent participants anywhere in the world. Flexible enough for any country or site, you can easily collect compliant signatures (digital or wet-ink), on-site or remote with integrated TeleVisit.

Improve Participant Retention

Deliver an engaging, informational experience for your participants and their caregivers with an easy-to-follow web-based app, featuring explainer videos, interactive diagrams, optional self-assessments and more.

Minimize Compliance Errors

Gain complete visibility and oversight into your trial with real-time monitoring of all consent activities within a single dashboard and ensure inspection-ready audit trails with fully integrated template management and version control.

Andrew Mackinnon

Vice President and General Manager eConsent and Digital Solutions

Designed by Trial Experts

Our team of experts will partner with you to determine the best approach for your unique consent needs. Schedule a call to learn more about our scalable, web-enabled tools to level up your consent process.