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Data-driven, decentralized clinical trials

A Decentralized Trial Platform that offers you a seamless and integrated experience to connect patients, sites, and clinical trial teams.


Medable provides decentralized trials, delivered on a global platform to unify clinical trial solutions


On a mission to reduce clinical trial timelines by 50%


Increase your retention and engagement with patient and site-centric design.

Allow the patient choice about how to participate in the visit (on-site, televisit, with home visit support) Patient and caregiver/parent/guardian can support and participate if needed.


Automated triggers and notifications to both patients and sites. Email, SMS, or push notifications according to your pre-defined rules.


Global Trial-Fit™ Telemedicine with TeleVisit

Reminders can be delivered for any task such as reminders for upcoming visits and medication, eDiary/ePRO, or wearing a device or sensor.  Study teams can receive real-time notifications triggered by actions or responses from patients.

TeleVisit devices

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